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Aricka LL Johnson started out life - at 5/6 years of age - as an entrepreneur, knocking on doors around her neighborhood to fund her meal account at school.

Being hungry means you learn quickly how to convince someone to give you $5 to either take out their trash, wash their dishes, or simply bring them their mail from the mailbox.

Although, according to Aricka, the best trade she ever made was a deal to be paid in pomegranates for pulling weeds from the yard.


An elderly lady who lived alone had a pomegranate tree thriving in the front yard but not a lot of money, and no one to clean up the yard when the fruit would fall from the tree.


It was a Win-Win for both of them. 


She had a well kept front yard and Aricka had all the pomegranates she could eat. She'd be willing to bet that she had the most well maintained yard in the neighborhood. 

Due to her entrepreneurial spirit, Aricka probably could have turned that into the best landscaping business in all Arizona, which is where she originates from; however, at 5 or 6 years of age she wasn't thinking beyond filling her belly.


Forward thinking was a skill that came later in life. After all, she was only a child and boy were those pomegranates deliciously sweet.


Throughout her teenage years, a couple friends and she would go dumpster diving and they would fix up the stuff they'd find for the purpose of selling it.

Yard sales were the next best place to get ultra cheap, and sometimes broken, stuff they could fix, re-purpose, and then sell for way more than what they would originally pay for the item.

Needless to say, Aricka was quite competent in making enough money to purchase her own clothes, shoes, food, and school related materials without ever having to rely on or ask mommy and daddy for anything more than a ride to the store. 

Even then she had a bike.


A job was something she looked at as a paid internship that allowed her to get paid to learn relevant skill sets that ultimately would help her become a better entrepreneur.


As an adult, it was time to live her dream, so it made sense for her to start her own business, by now it was 2010 and the internet was the final frontier.


And boy did Aricka bite off more than she could chew. 


For a long while, Aricka struggled, despite a background in sales, until she realized there are no business problems - only personal problems that manifest into the business.


Seeing the flaws in what was being offered as training in the network marketing industry led her to officially start Online Business Specialist.


You like hats? 


Aricka had to wear all of them, oftentimes at the same time. And so do you if you are or want to be an online business owner. 


That was when she realized, she had a lot more to learn in what is now considered digital marketing.


Aricka decided the key areas she should focus on were traffic generation - which was mainly SEO because paid ads were pretty much still non-existent except to those that had much deeper pockets then her - lead generation, and conversion.


After all, if we aren't turning traffic into paying customers, we don't have a business do we?


Armed with this newfound knowledge, Aricka started playing around with it - implementing it as soon as she would learn it - and you could say it paid off, sort of.


For 2.5 years her Youtube channel dominated the first page of Google. Aricka has always regretted not knowing about it until after the fact. Hindsight always is 20/20, she says.


However, in 2019 she realized she could serve more people who had similar dreams as her by turning her knowledge into courses, so she created OBS Academy - which is the school portion of Online Business Specialist.


Aricka now spends most of her time working on turning her knowledge into courses when she is not spending time with her 6 furbabies or hosting VIP days with her clients.

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