Have You Forgotten About Your Goals?

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Have you forgotten about your goals?

Hey, there's this Christina Michelle Allen aka Ari at Online Business Specialist.

Can you believe we're already 20 days away from spring?

Before we know it it'll be 2022.

Is it just me or does it seem a little weird to say 2022?

We're all my Back to the Future fans at? Do you remember the hoverboard scene where he steals a hoverboard from a little girl. lol #greatmovie #backtothefuture

Here we are in 2021 and still no hoverboards. It's a little disappointing. That's all.

You know, what else is also kind of disappointing?

How easy we tend to give, give up on ourselves.

In the past, I'd usually come up with 1-3, New Year's resolutions and 10 years later, I'd still be working on reaching the same damn goal.

Ya feel me?

Now I don't know about you but I like to think I'm mostly sane.

I mean, after all, I'm not a complete basket case, yet.

So after a while I decided to do something pretty radical.

I changed the date of the New Year.

Say what??

Yep, sure did.

So y'all's new year starts on January 1, my new year starts on March 15.

Now I know what you're asking me, Ari, why March 15?

And I'm glad you asked because I've actually got 3 very specific reasons as to why I chose March 15 to be the start of my new year.

Reason 1) Most Resolutions Fail

And the first reason is because statistics show that on average, 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by the second week of February.

And here we are on the first day of March, which is why at the beginning I asked y'all, "Have you forgotten about your goals?"

Because chances are, you probably have.

And if that's the case, there is no need to get down on yourself. That's just the reality.

Now there's a lot more that goes into why, specifically, 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by the second week of February. And that is a topic for another time.

But obviously January is just a bad month to set new year's resolutions. ;)

Reason 2) I Celebrate The Spring Equinox As The New Year

Another reason I selected March 15 to be the start of the new year for me is because it gives me between 5-8 days to prepare for the spring equinox, which traditionally met the start of the new year. #springequinoxcelebration

This year that happens to fall on March 20 at 5:37am. Eastern time.

So why the spring equinox?

Well the start of spring represents new beginnings, it represents the return of the sun, it represents new crops, a reset of fertility and even a rebirth.

"It's also during this time that the veil between spiritual and physical worlds gets thinner, allowing us to receive messages and information," according to astrologer Lisa Stardust.

And I really agree with this statement, because it is the time where we can reflect.

And if we can get calm and still our subconscious minds will give us messages and information on how we can move forward into the new year.

She goes on to say. Traditionally the equinox was celebrated as a time to cleanse out stagnant energy with the self and homes.

That is relevant today because we have what is referred to as spring cleaning.

During this time, we go spring cleaning the house but do we actually take the time to clean out the stagnant energy that's within us?

So the spring equinox is the perfect time to clear out those old energies and to release things that no longer serve us or are good for us.

And when you think about it, aren't new year's resolutions about creating new habits, new routines new mindsets, new beginnings, new opportunities for growth, etc.

So it only seems fitting to me, then, to start the new year on March 15, and then go on to have a 22 Day celebration.

We like to party around here.

Now it's not your typical New Year's party...

Using the 22 energy matrix we release, cleanse, renew, set intentions, and metaphysically speaking, become pregnant with our intentions that we intend to give birth to, in it's due time.

It's also during this time we expose the lies that we have been telling ourselves, we create structure, renew our, what Sensi Chris Witecki likes to call our "merriage vows," which is simply the marriage between our light and shadow selves. And we develop inner strength to keep on keepin on.

We remember that true stability only comes when we take the time to be with ourselves as needed, and a whole bunch of other things.

Each day has its own energy theme and ritual. Toward the end I'll give you the opportunity to celebrate that with me if you would like to.

Reason 3) It Is The Day To Committed To Improving My Life

Now the final reason I chose March 15 to be the start of the new year is because March 15 2008 is the day that I officially stopped being a pill junkie and took the Greyhound bus to Kentucky.

Now, something that many people don't know about me is up to that time, I had a lifelong struggle with prescription pain pills.

And by the time I was a preteen. I was a full fledged pill junkie. And by the time I was 14 years old I was crushing those pills and actually snorting them.

And it just went from there. Now, the pills weren't the only thing I was doing back then, but it was probably one of the worst things that I was doing at the time.

And it wasn't until December 25 2005, when I had a miscarriage, that it woke me up to the reality that the path that I was on would only lead me to my own death if I did not make a change.

That was the day, I not only set the intention, but made the vow that I would never touch another pill for as long as I lived.

And so, on March 15 2006, I made a deal with the universe and said, "I cannot do this by myself. If you will get me out of Arizona, which is my home state. I swear for the rest of my life I will never touch another pill, and I will submit myself wholly and completely to you for you to do with me and use me as you see fit."

March 15 2008 was when I got the chance to actually put my money where my mouth was so to speak, and began my three day journey to Kentucky.

It was exactly a three day trip. And during that trip, I died to my old self and was reborn to my new self.

Now I found it rather auspicious that my journey began on that date. Not only because of it being before the spring equinox. But also, if you are familiar to Tarot then you know that the 15th card of the major arcana is the devil card, which a lot of people, especially those who are more religiously inclined tend to look at that card in a very ominous and dark way.

However, the devil card actually represents the choice we have to either an opportunity to break away from the unhealthy things behaviors or people that keep us in bondage, or succumb to those chains that bind us, and play the victim mentality.

Now the devil card also represents our natural desires, it has to do with our, our physical bodies. And so anything in the physical realm.

And so yes, I definitely had unhealthy things, behaviors, and people that were keeping me in bondage, preventing me from actually moving forward in my life.

And so usually in Tarot when the devil card comes up in a reading. It means just that, Okay. It's giving you the opportunity to become aware of something you may either be denial about or are unconscious of.

It's showing up to tell you that there are unhealthy things behaviors or people that are keeping that individual in bondage. It also could mean a wake up call if they are succumbing to that bondage and playing the victim mentality and so it's making you aware, Okay, that you can either do one of two things: either you can 1) break free of those chains, or 2) you can continue to play the victim.

Now a lot of the times the devil card shows up when it is dealing with unhealthy or repressed desires. You know, and things like this.

However, it can be anything, Okay, it can be any unhealthy thing, or behavior or people that prevents us from actually living our lives to the fullest.

So It's really a good thing When the devil card shows up in a reading. Ironically.

So fast forward to march 15 of this year 2021, that actually marks the beginning of my 13th year being sober.

So I'm really proud of myself about that.

I've completed 12 years being being sober, and I have to the best of my ability maintained my vow.

And I've definitely never touched another pill since then, so I'm really proud of myself about that, which that is another reason why I go on to have my 22 Day celebration

If your someone who has been down a similar path and you've been sober for a while, I would really encourage you to at that year mark, to celebrate that. Like really take the time to actually celebrate that because that's a big deal. That's probably one of the biggest moments of your entire life.

You know so celebrate that for any length of time that you want.

So hopefully you are taking the time to celebrate that and to just be proud of yourself in general. If not, you should start.

Now because it's the beginning of my 13th year I also find that to be auspicious as well, because the 13th card in the Tarot deck is the death card, which represents change, and a dying to the old and a being reborn to the new.

You know, so here it kind of ties back to the whole spring equinox.

So I personally just find the whole situation to be rather auspicious. You know, for myself that every year leading up to 2008, it was always on the 15th of March.

And so while that may have been a bit personal. These are my three reasons why I start the new year on March 15, and not January 1.

So if your New Year's resolutions are part of that 80% that fail. By the second week of February. I encourage you to try something new for a change.

And this is where I go on to tell you about my 22 day New Year's celebration. If you would like to celebrate with me. I will tell you a little more about how to celebrate with me.

If not, it was great having you here, and thank you for being a part of my community and for reading my content. And we will see you in the next one.

Celebrate The Spring Equinox With Me And Learn Another Way To Set And Reach Your Goals

Starting March 15, I go on a 22 day New Year celebration. And it is a time I dedicate to renewing intentions and to be a deliberate manifester and creator of your own life.

As was mentioned before. It is based off of the 22 energy matrix, which is based off of the major arcana of the Tarot deck. Each day being associated to a specific card of the major arcana.

And for each day, we have a very specific energy theme, as it relates to that corresponding tarot card. And then we have a ritual accompanied with that.

The point of it all being to tap into specific types of energy to manifest specific goals for the year.

If you have tried succeeding with your New Year's resolutions and you just by this time of the year you simply either forget about them, or whatever.

Maybe it's time to try a different approach.

So if you would like to celebrate with me then shoot me a text saying New Year celebration to 606-687-4316.

That is my real texting number that you can text me and I will respond to you, Okay. But if you send me a text saying New Year's celebration to that number, then I will give you more information on when we actually start on March 15th and how to participate.

And I will give you a text, every single day for 22 days, letting you know what we will be doing for that particular day, there will also be a video accompanied with that, depending on how many people actually would like to celebrate this with me.

I will either just be post a video or I may actually go live on YouTube. So it really depends on how many people would like to actually celebrate this with me.

And remember, while we're on the road to success, we should not be surprised whenever we fall down.

Failure is not in the falling down, it is in the choosing to stay down if we do fall down.

So, even if you have fallen down in regards to your resolutions. Now is the time to decide, do you really want it.

And if you do, then go for it, you owe it to yourself to try again.

Whether you participate in this 22 celebration with me or you just try it on your own, Okay. You owe it to yourself to try again.

So with that being said, this is Christina Michelle Allen, aka Ari at Online Business Specialist.

Until next time, bye for now.

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