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Transcend With Hypnosis


Struggling to maintain consistent revenue streams year after year? 

Do you find it difficult to charge "what your worth"? 

Do you seem to attract less than ideal clients?

Do you want to tae your business to the next level but always seem to self sabotage just when your about to reach your goal?

In a battle between the Conscious and the Subconscious, the Subconscious will always win out. 

Whether it is a limiting belief, unknowingly engaging in negative self talk, or past programming - with hypnosis we are able to address the issue and help you relearn new habits, programs, and self talk to help you transcend limitations that are holding you back in your life and business.


Schedule A Complimentary Introductory Hypnosis Session to see if hypnosis is right for you.***

Success Coaching


Could you use some accountability to help you crush your goals?

Or perhaps you would like unlimited 1:1 consultations to help you improve your strategies?

Want to see what Success Coaching can do for you and your business?

Text "Unstoppable Me" to 859-592-2060 to join our next Complimentary 3 Week Success Coaching Program.**

Business Consultation

Using data driven insights to help you improve existing campaigns. 

1:1 VIP sessions either in person or via Rooms. 

Half Days (up to 3hrs) $2500*

Full Days (4 to 6hrs) $5000*

Purchase & Schedule Here

* Prices are before taxes and applicable state fees.

** Space is strictly limited to 100 members per program.

*** Sessions are conducted via Rooms.

Other OBS Services

Do you have a one time project you would like help completing? 

Below are other OBS Services to select from.

Website Design/Creation

For a limited time, we are giving away 100 free websites to qualified business owners and non profit organizations. Simply pay the hosting and transfer fees and get a free domain and site.

Text "Free Site Please" to 859-592-2060 to claim your website today

Micro Copywriting ​

Need to set up email sequences or bot chats but tech got you down? We got you covered. 

We can set up automated nurture and transactional email sequences in all major autoresponders and manychat.

Don't yet have an autoresponder or account with manychat? That's fine, we can set the whole thing up for you for no extra cost.

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Get Found On Google Maps

Having a business listing can validate your business' existence. Be found while people are searching for services and products. Dominate local search.

Don't want people coming to your home office? That's fine. A physical address is only needed to validate the existence of the business. 

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Guest Posting

Do you have a blog but don't have time to write engaging and search engine optimized (seo) friendly content?

Don't let the technical side of blogging prevent you from maintaining an online presence. 

Can either choose to receive 1 time blog posts or select a package based on the number of posts you want each month.

These posts are completely yours. No bylines included. You own the content 100%. 

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